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AusPress Supporting the RFS

Record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought have fueled a series of massive bush fires across Australia resulting in the worst natural disaster in our country’s history.

The fires, burning since September, have intensified over the past few weeks, with a number towns evacuated. As temperatures begin to drop and rain is starting to fall, we can only hope that mother nature will help our causes and see these fires gradually extinguished.

Most people feel helpless and can not begin to understand what those affected are going through. All we can do is offer our thoughts and support in any way we can. As a small token of our commitment to supporting the firefighters that are giving up their time and fighting for those that cannot fight for themselves, we have donated 500 bottles of water to be dispersed to the NSW RFS where it is most needed.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected and only hope these fires come to an end very soon.

General News

2019 – A year in review

As 2019 comes to an end, we took the time to review our year and reflect upon the year that was.

In what proved to be a challenging year for AusPress, we were pleased to have finished the year on a high note with growing sales across the country, welcoming new staff to our team and introducing new products. Our warehouse has grown and we have introduced  KG2000 SN10 & SN16 Polypropylene Drainage System which has proven very popular with our current customers for trade waste and opened a new market sector for AusPress, Civil Drainage. We have also increased our support to various industry associations across the region, including Master Plumbers, Australian Water Associations, ASSDA, AHSCA, HCAA, Civil Contractors Federation and Pacific Water & Waste Water Association

After Introducing Blucher Stainless Steel drainage to Australia in 1992 and spending the next 26 years developing the market and supporting the industry, our distribution agreement with Blucher Denmark came to an end. To fill this gap, we entered into a new agreement with ACO to distribute their range of stainless steel drainage pipe and fittings. With this change, we expected some market turbulence and a drop in our sales. But we were pleasantly surprised when not only did we maintain our core customers and projects, but sales in this category for us actually slightly increased. We must thank our loyal and faithful customers as well as ACO Australia staff and management from Germany & Czech Republic for their support and assistance in getting special products made, certified and ready for the transition. We look forward to working with everyone in 2020.

During this time, we also said goodbye to a couple of our Sales team that went to work directly for Blucher. As much as we saw this as a challenge in the market,  sometimes fresh beginnings are exactly what everyone needs for both personal and business reasons. We scoured the country to find suitable people to join our team and have experienced a very positive transition. We are breaking company records in the NSW market and we have found the need to employ an additional sales person for Queensland. Effective January 2020, we will have 2 Sales people nurturing and supporting our great customers in Queensland to ensure we can maintain the rapid growth we have seen over the past few months. We also appointed and trained a new distributor in New Zealand that has opened up some new doors and new markets for us across the ditch.

So, as we reflect, we are very happy with our progression and growth in 2019 and we look forward to continuing to grow and support our loyal customer base into 2020 and beyond.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our clients for their confidence in our abilities and loyalty this year and wish you and your families a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and New Year period.

Food Processing

Hygienic Drainage Solutions

What’s important to your project? High Quality Hygienic Stainless Steel drainage? Watermark approval? HACCP certification? Local design and manufacturing? Experience? Top level customer training and technical support?

All of the above should be a priority. When channels are installed into your project, they are embedded in concrete. This means they cannot be removed easily, without cutting concrete and shutting down your production for a period of time. All of these factors cost money. You want to ensure you are installing a purpose made, high quality product that will last as long as the building with minimal maintenance. That’s why AusPress has been manufacturing custom made channels in Australia for nearly 20 years and is regarded as the market leader.

So, the next time you need a high quality drainage channel in your food and beverage facility, the next time you are looking to invest in your facilities future and save money on maintenance, we can assist you.

AusPress began in 1992 and was originally trading as “Blucher Australia Pty Ltd” Growing organically for more than 25 years, AusPress has become the market leader in stainless steel drainage and pressure pipes specialising in Food Processing applications such as Dairies, Abattoirs, Wineries and Breweries.
AusPress now supplies a much wider array of products from Stainless Steel channels, pipes and fittings to Stainless Steel pressure pipes and fittings as well as Copper Press fittings, tooling solutions and Polypropylene Drainage pipes and fittings. Our products are now used extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand in Constructions, mining, marine and various industrial applications.

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