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Stainless Drainage

In partnership with ACO, AusPress are dedicated to delivering sustainable drainage solutions to Mega Yachts, Cruise Vessels, Ferries, Military Ships, Offshore Platforms and all kinds of Cargo Vessels.


Push-Fit System
With Elastomer Ring Seal


Metric 50 – 315mm
Tube & Fittings


Stocked in Australia
Tube & Fittings


Easy Installation
Push-Fit installation


Chemical Resistant
Marine Applications


Made in Europe
Metric Tube & Fittings

Marine & Shipping

Backed with approvals for Lloyds, Bureau Veritas and more, our range of Stainless Steel drainage is suitable for marine and shipping applications where chloride tolerance is required.

Why use AusPress?

We were the first to supply stainless steel drainage into Australia and have supplied to the Australian marine industry since 2002. Installed quickly and easily, AusPress is the preferred method for installing stainless steel drainage pipework.

Where to use?

In partnership with ACO, AusPress has more than 15 years experience in supplying the Australian marine industry with specialised products. Stainless Steel drainage systems consist of pipes, fittings, deck penetrations, channels, grease separation systems and custom made products to suit each individual application.

Quick Facts:

      • Pipes and fittings available in metric diameters 50 to 315mm.

      • International shipping approvals.

      • Full range of stock held in Adelaide and Sydney

      • Install without welding or threading – flame free installation.

      • Extensive use throughout shipbuilding and platforms.

More Information?

Please contact our National Sales Team or the Customer Support Centre for technical information or advice for your project specifications.