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CPN700 Press Tool

Press-Fit Tool Range

CPN700 Press Tool

The small, potable & powerful Vetec CPN700 hydraulic unit uses additional pressing force to press larger diameters of copper and stainless press piping systems.


Made in Germany
Engineered & Manufactured


More Power
70kN Press Force


Nimble Design
Separated Body & Cylinder


Press Real Big
Higher Capacity Pressing


Install Duplex
Press AusPress Duplex 2205


18V Battery
Milwaukee M18 Interface

Be Ready for Your Next Job...

The CPN700 has a range of accessories that can tailor the tool to suit what and how you work, using one of two press cylinder head options.

Each component is sold separately or various combinations are available in kit options on the CPN700 Tool Information Sheet.

Looking After Your CPN700

If your CPN700 needs more than the standard user maintenance, AusPress Systems have an accredited Tool Servicing Workshop in Australia that can help.

Service Schedule:

      • First Service – within 2 years from purchase.

      • Subsequent Services – Yearly after first service.


More Information?

Please contact our National Sales Team or the Customer Support Centre for technical information or advice for your project specifications.