Press-Fit, Drainage & Tooling Solutions

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ)

We take the responsibility of our staff and customers seriously in how we conduct our day to day business and our long term goals as we work towards delivering sustainable & leading business practices.

Our systems are structured to deliver efficient and traceable processes that provide a continuity from supplier to on-site installation training. These systems are subject to ongoing review where improvements are implemented to reduce waste, increase efficiencies and achieve legislative compliance.

Key Outcomes:

Health & Safety

  • Cross level commitment to safe working methods, environments & responsibilities to meet the objectives of our company Safety Policy.

  • Meetings at various management levels to assess and review practices at regular intervals.

  • Training programmes to staff and installers for the recommended installation & handling processes.


  • Investment in reducing energy consumption for office & warehouse environments & equipment.

  • Recycling facilities for office & warehouse packaging processes & waste reduction.

  • Products supplied in standardised lengths to reduce site wastage.

  • Paperless correspondence with customers for quotes, orders & invoicing.


  • Double check processing to reduce order errors.

  • Focus on communication between staff, customers & supplier chains.

  • Ongoing staff training & improvement programme.

  • Investment in management software to automate & archive stock and document control.

  • Supplier agreements to meet quality standards such as ISO9001.

  • Regular testing and approval programme for our products.


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