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AusPress Copper

Install standard Australian sizes of copper the quick and easy way, with AusPress Copper fittings. Suitable for potable water, natural or LP gas and solar (high temperature) installations.


V-Profile System
With Elastomer Ring Seal


Aus Sizes DN15 to 100
Extensive Fitting Range


Merchant Stockists
Right Around Australia


Water, Gas & Solar
Ring Seal Options


Extensive Fitting Range
Standard and Specialised Fittings Stocked


Adaptors to PEX
Water & Gas, Slide & Crimp

Extensive Product Range

From standard 90 Bends to PEX adaptors, our extensive range of AusPress Copper fittings are stocked in Australia offering plumbers the fittings they need. We also supply the tooling including our exclusive 40/50 Copper Collar Set.

Where to use?

Our AusPress Copper fittings are approved for potable water, natural & LP gas and solar (high temperature) water applications, indicated by the ring seal colour of the fitting. For other gases and applications, please contact us.

Why Press Copper?

Installing AusPress is very quick. Using a suitable press tool, joins are made in seconds without priming or applying heat. Connecting to existing pipework is fine too as our fittings suit standard copper tube sizes (including our 3/8″ adaptors).

Quick Facts:

      • Available in diameters DN15 to 100.

      • Stocked at all great plumbing merchants around Australia.

      • Extensive range of fittings for water, gas and solar installations.

      • V-Profile fittings that we’ve approved for use with a range of existing tools.

More Information?

Please contact our National Sales Team or the Customer Support Centre for technical information or advice for your project specifications.