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Norsap are proud to be the global leader of operator chairs for use on fishing vessels, supply ships, passenger ferries, cruise ships, offshore rigs, navy vessels, ROVs, submarines and flight simulators.


Who are Norsap?

Norsap serves the global market from its modern manufacturing facilities located outside the port city of Kristiansand, Norway and in Australia via AusPress nationally. Norsap are the leading manufacturer of high-quality chairs to the maritime, offshore and more recently, the aviation industry.

50 years of experience

Norsap was established in 1969 as a one-man company with its main product being aluminium snow shovels. Over the past 50 years, Norsap has grown to be the global leader in Pilot Chairs, Helmsman Chairs, Deck Rails, Seat Pedestals and other vital Marine and Aviation products


Norsap chairs have been extensively used globally by leading ship builders, Government agencies, Navy’s and offshore mining companies including:

Minesweeper and Frigates – The Australian Navy

Minehunters, Aircraft Carriers and Frigates – The British Royal Navy

Minehunters and Minesweepers – The Finnish Navy

Frigates – Singapore Navy

USS Theodore Roosevelt (Aircraft Carrier) – The US Navy

For more reference projects, please refer to the project reference page on the Norsap webpage 

Quick Facts:

      • Global leaders in Marine Pilot Chairs

      • International shipping approvals.

      • Large range of products for Commercial Boating, Defence Ships & Submarines, Ferries, Yachts and Planes 

      • 50 years of experience and expertise

      • Global acceptance and specifications throughout shipbuilding and aviation platforms.

More Information?

Please contact our National Sales Team or the Customer Support Centre for technical information or advice for your project specifications or visit Norsap