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Approvals & Certificates


Approvals & Certificates

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Compliance Certificates

QCSE 50x50

ISO Certification Certificate
– ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
– ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems


Corporate Governance Policies
Including Modern Slavery, Privacy, Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption.

Press-Fit Products


AusPress Stainless Press-Fit Metric
WaterMark AS 3688:2016 (WM 40134) – Metallic Fittings for Water Supply & Gas Systems.
WaterMark AS 5200.053:2008 (WM 23409) – Stainless Tubes for Pressure Applications.

CSIRO ActivFire (AFP-3781) – Fire Systems to AS 2419.1 (Hydrant) & AS 4118.2.1 (Sprinkler).


AusPress Copper Press-Fit
WaterMark AS 3688:2016 (WM 23213) – Metallic Fittings for Water Supply & Gas Systems.

Drainage Products


AusPress Stainless Drainage Products
– WaterMark AS 3495:1997 (WM 687) – Stainless Non-Pressure Pipes & Fittings
– WaterMark WMTS 040:2016 (WM 687) – Waste Pipe Connection Outlets & Gratings


AusPress KG2000 Polypropylene Drainage Pipe & Fittings
WaterMark AS 5065:2005 (WM 23348) – Polypropylene for Drainage and Sewer Applications.


AusPress Stainless Flushing Sinks
WaterMark WMTS 526:2018 (WM 23480) – Flushing Sinks.


HACCP Australia – Food Safety Certification
Food Safety Certification Certificate (PE-927-AUP) – Food Zone Class SSZ

– ACO Stainless Steel Drainage Pipe & Fittings
– ACO Stainless Steel Floor Gully Range
– AusPress Stainless Steel Channels and Grates
– KG2000 Polypropylene Drainage Pipe & Fittings


European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group
– Stainless Floor Gully components

– Stainless Channel components

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