KG2000 taking civil by storm

After launching our KG2000 Polypropylene civil piping system onto the market in November last year, we have experienced a better than expected uptake and acceptance of the product. KG2000 was first developed by Ostendorf Kunstoffe, a leading German pipe manufacturer, in 1999. KG2000 is a medium density Polypropylene with additional mineral compounds to increase the ring stiffness allowing the system to accept extreme forces. All fittings are manufactured to meet a rating of SN16 and pipes come in 2 forms being either SN10 or SN16.

KG2000 is unique in the fact that it has a complete system with pipes and injection moulded fittings from 110mm to 500mm meaning than no special fabrication or additional manufacturing of fittings is required. Being a push-fit type system, no special tooling or welding is required and being light weight, it is easy to handle and has less OH&S issues compared with much heavier alternatives such as concrete.

The facts:

  • Sizes available from 110mm to 500mm
  • Full range of injection moulded bends, junctions & reducers
  • All fittings rated to SN10
  • Choice of pipe rating of SN10 or SN16
  • Suitable for pH levels 2-12
  • Simple, fast push-fit installation
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Suitable for use in civil, trade waste, sewer, stormwater and directly under airport runways!

For a full introduction to our KG2000 system, contact your local State Representative, view our technical information and view this overview video.