Hygienic Drainage Solutions

What’s important to your project? High Quality Hygienic Stainless Steel drainage? Watermark approval? HACCP certification? Local design and manufacturing? Experience? Top level customer training and technical support?

All of the above should be a priority. When channels are installed into your project, they are embedded in concrete. This means they cannot be removed easily, without cutting concrete and shutting down your production for a period of time. All of these factors cost money. You want to ensure you are installing a purpose made, high quality product that will last as long as the building with minimal maintenance. That’s why AusPress has been manufacturing custom made channels in Australia for nearly 20 years and is regarded as the market leader.

So, the next time you need a high quality drainage channel in your food and beverage facility, the next time you are looking to invest in your facilities future and save money on maintenance, we can assist you.