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Stainless Channel Drains

Our extensive experience with food, drink and abattoir processing has designed a floor drain system for industrial and commercial applications where hygiene and reliability are important.


Stainless Construction
Available in 316 or 304 S/S


Fall To Outlet
Incorporated Fall Standard


Industrial Spec
High Load & Slip Ratings


High Temp Suitable
Wash down up to 200°C


H Type Hygiene
Round Bottom Profile Available


Made in Australia
Channel made to your design

It's All In The Design

Engineered for hygiene, our channels are manufactured in Australia to your specifications. Featuring a range of grate options to choose from, our channels are based on 8x different design types for concrete, vinyl sheet floors, laundry surge or our round bottom H Type hygiene design.

Featuring the same benefits of the Floor Gully range, choice of Grate, Filter Basket, Removable Foul Air Trap (FAT) and Secondary Strainer to be selected for the outlet, yet easily removed for cleaning and access is standard.

The longest channel designed by our in house team is 110m long!

Why use AusPress Drainage?

We were the first to supply stainless steel drainage into Australia and have supplied to projects large and small since 1992. Installed when hygiene, high temperature and performance is critical, the drainage products supplied by AusPress is the preferred solution for food & beverage processing, industrial and medical facilities.

Where to use?

Where hygiene & high performance is important – food processing, commercial kitchens, supermarkets, beer & beverage production, hospital and medical facilities, pharmaceutical laboratories, loading bay truck wash-down, public and commercial spaces.

We recommend always checking for product suitability before specifying or installing – we can help checking chemicals and such, just ask!

Quick Facts:

  • Reliability of 316 stainless steel construction.

  • Suitable for hot water (including high temperature discharge).

  • Vacuum & siphonic suitable design and fittings.

  • Lightweight and stays straight during transport and installation.

  • Approved with WaterMark, HACCP and Australian states/territories.

  • Minimal expansion & contraction rates (much lower than other materials).

  • Stainless steel is fully recyclable (closed loop) and long lasting.

More Information?

Please contact our National Sales Team or the Customer Support Centre for technical information or advice for your project specifications.