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2019 – A year in review

As 2019 comes to an end, we took the time to review our year and reflect upon the year that was. In what proved to be a challenging year for AusPress, we were pleased to have finished the year on a high note with growing sales across the country, welcoming new staff to our team and introducing new products.

AusPress began in 1992 and was originally trading as “Blucher Australia Pty Ltd” Growing organically for more than 25 years, AusPress has become the market leader in stainless steel drainage and pressure pipes specialising in Food Processing applications such as Dairies, Abattoirs, Wineries and Breweries.
AusPress now supplies a much wider array of products from Stainless Steel channels, pipes and fittings to Stainless Steel pressure pipes and fittings as well as Copper Press fittings, tooling solutions and Polypropylene Drainage pipes and fittings. Our products are now used extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand in Constructions, mining, marine and various industrial applications.

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