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SPM24 Mini Press Tool

Small in size but a powerful 24kN Vetec press tool designed specifically to install a range of PEX, copper and stainless press fitting systems.

Made in
Best Mate
Engineered &
24kN Press
One tool for PEX,
Copper & Stainless
Be Kit
18V, 1.5Ah
Jaw + Tool Kits
300° for Hard to
Reach Places
Milwaukee M18

One Tool, Multiple Systems...

The SPM24 tool & jaws are engineered to suit a wide range of piping systems so you can have one tool in your kit to press more:

  • With testing conducted by CSIRO for AusPress jaws with: KemPress>B< PressViega and AusPex.

  • CSIRO testing using press jaws from KemblaReeceViega & Ridgid with the SPM24.

  • Independent fitting manufacturer testing has also led to SPM24 endorsement by Dux/PhilmacElson(BushPEX), Forza, Reflex and Zetco valves.


Be Ready for Your Next Job...

We supply the ACO203 Press Tool in several kit options or you can compile our own kit with specific individual items each sold separately. Tool is suitable for press-fit in copper, stainless steel and PEX crimp fittings - check the SPM24 Compatibility Chart for specific system and sizing compatibility.


Looking After Your SPM24

If your SPM24 needs more than the standard user maintenance, AusPress Systems have an accredited Tool Servicing Workshop in Australia that can help.


Service Schedule:
First Service - within 12 months of purchase or before 20,000 press cycles.
Subsequent Services - Yearly after first service or before the next 10,000 press cycles since service.


"1+1 year" manufacturers warranty - tool must of been serviced in its first year from date of purchase by an authorised Vetec service centre for the second year of warranty. Full terms and conditions in the instruction manual.


Not sure?       Compare Press Tools

Refer to the SPM24 Compatibility Chart for specific system and sizing compatibility.

Review the systems you use to compare our range of press tools to help choose which tool is suitable for you.


* Tool Warranty terms & conditions apply - please contact us for more information.
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