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Copper Press Jaws & Collars

Our jaws & collars are designed specifically to install copper press-fit fittings and available for small (24kN) and large (32kN) press tools for diameters DN15 to DN100.

Made in
Stop the
Engineered &
Manufactured for
Lifetime Strength
Help us stop
the 'copper pinch'
Be Kit
32kN Tool
Jaw + Tool Kits
Engineered to Suit
V, M & SA Profiles
Engineered to Suit
Most Press Tools

Looking After Your Jaws & Collars

Keep your jaws and collars working well by maintaining them; clean with a cloth and lubricate the moving parts regularly and before storing and lubricate the press surface (where the fitting touches) after every 10 presses or sooner of the tool becomes harder to remove after a press.


When you tool is serviced at our accredited Tool Servicing Workshop, why not send your set of jaws and collars too for calibration.



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Need a Press Tool?

Refer to the Copper Jaw & Collar Compatibility Chart for specific system and sizing compatibility.

We stock them too. Review our current models on the product page and check the home page for any special deals.


* Tool Warranty terms & conditions apply - please contact us for more information.
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