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AusPress Duplex Stainless 2205

Developed specifically for high chloride environments commonly found in food & drink processing, areas of low water quality (eg bore water) and & corrosive chemical applications.

15 - 54mm
With Elastomer
Ring Seal
Tube &
2205 Tube &
3.1 Cert
Made in
Tube &
Next Step Up from
316 Stainless
Metric Tube &

A New Way to Handle Chemicals

Made with duplex grade 2205 stainless steel, this material has a higher resistance to chlorides making it suitable for a wider range of chemicals and concentrations, often found in food processing and poor water quality environments.

Designed with the same high strength M-Profile press fittings, installing 2205 stainless is quick with consistent joins made using a suitable duplex rated press tool.


Why use AusPress Press-Fit?

We were the first to supply stainless steel press-fit into Australia and leading again with the development and introduction of duplex 2205 press-fit after customer and industry demand and increasingly aggressive cleaning chemicals coming onto the market.


Where to use?

AusPress 2205 is suitable to convey potable water, compressed air, oil & fuels, instrument air, natural and inert gases - see our approvals page for more information. Using the 2205 grade of stainless steel provides resistance to most chemicals and additives that are prevalent in food processing and cleaning processes.


Quick Facts:

Available in metric diameters 15 to 54mm.
Full quality control with 3.1 certificate traceability for tube & fittings.
Full tooling solution specifically engineered for the hardness of duplex 2205.
Install without welding or threading - flame free installation.
Suits a wide range of applications up to 200°C.
Stainless steel is fully recyclable (closed loop) and long lasting.


More Information?

Please contact our National Sales Team or the Customer Support Centre for technical information or advice for your project specifications.


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